Pasaje 9 #116 Parque Plazuela La Merced Barrio Yanachaca Caraz Ancash Perú51 (43) I
<h2>Ancash Adventure

Climbing Nevado PiscoAncash is one of the pioneer and iconic destinations for adventure tourism in Perú, in the mountains and mountain ranges can hike for those seeking stringency levels also in snow and rock climbing and steep and winding routes for cycling mountain.

Ancash Multithematic

ATVs multithematic AncashIt is a package designed for those tourists who want to know the Callejon de Huaylas in touch with nature and enjoying the opportunity to practice extreme adventure sports in the wonderful landscape of this area of ​​the country and the safety and experience of our organization.

Lima Adventure

Canopy Adventure LimaLima, although the capital city of Perú, with a history Pre-Hispanic, Colonial and Republican and one of the major urban centers of South America, is also a region of beautiful landscapes, rural villages with customs and traditions, ie a destination unconventional adventure in learning.

Cusco Adventure

Adventure Ferrata Cusco
Cusco is not just ancient history and living culture, is also a setting for the practice of adventure sports activities that combine and complement natural attractions, customs, myths and legends that make the adventure a truly different.